In 1970, John Wayne said THIS about America. 47 years later, it sounds as real as ever!

There are many things that make America so great. This is a land where you can truly control your destiny and do all you want to do. We have freedoms that are unheard of in other countries, yet we are always willing to give any country a hand when they need it. This great country has been founded on solid pillars of equality, justice, opportunities for all, and prosperity.

Ever since the first settlers arrived, they envisioned a great country with many resources that could be harnessed for the benefit of the people. The idea that you could control your destiny and prosper came from our Founding Fathers when they wrote the Constitution. It still serves as the testimony of everything they fought to earn, and that we can now enjoy.

As soon as America was founded, many people started becoming known for their bold character, and the way they represented our nation all over the world. The golden era of the movie industry was born. Everything the little kids wanted to be back then, were cowboys, sheriffs, and outlaws. The biggest outlaw of all was possibly Billy the Kid, although some people would argue against this.

Billy the Kid’s name reached new heights after his participation in the Lincoln County War. He managed to escape jail in New Mexico and flee to the Arizona territory. It was then that he became a fugitive and outlaw. Not long after that, Billy the Kid would yet again get in trouble in Arizona and would end up going back to New Mexico. He ended up in trouble once again and that would end up costing him his life.

Another person who became a legend in this era was John Wayne. John Wayne was the biggest cowboy that took part in many Hollywood productions. Born Marion Robert Morrison, he quickly escalated the ranks of Hollywood royalty thanks to his good looks and demeanor. John Wayne exemplified everything America was about, as well as everything people wanted to grow up to become.

In 1970, he starred as the host of a well-known show. In a matter of a couple of minutes, he managed to say some words that are still chillingly true at this time and age. He tells us all the reasons why being American is the best thing in the world. I salute you, John Wayne wherever you are. When you listen to his words, you too will agree that these words came directly from his heart and that they sound so loud as if he was sitting next to you!