Pregnant Dog Nurses Abandoned Toddler! Brought Me to Tears!


A local police department in the country of Chile found an abandoned and underfed two years old toddler just a few months ago. They actually found him being nursed and fed by a pregnant dog named Reina who lived near a mechanical shop. The little boy was in very poor condition; he was completely naked, undernourished, and had problems in his skin due to lice and lack of bathing. According to the report made by the local authorities, if it wasn’t for Reina’s help, the boy could have very well died alone in the streets.

The police stated that the little baby’s mother abandoned him without any supervision or food in the very lonely and hot port called Arica. She was called in to the medical center where her son was attended, and she got to the place while being completely drunk. They didn’t arrest her because she didn’t harm the boy directly, but the boy was taken from her custody and his future is now being determined by the National Service for Minors. Thanks to the amazing dog surrogate mother, he was able to live on and now hopes for a happier future!

Watch this unbelievable story in the video just below!

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