10 Strangest Humans Alive

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There are some bizarre conditions that occur in nature in other ways. Sometimes, a human has an event or congenital circumstance that is inexplicable. Here are 10 such strange people who bely understanding.

The Girl Who Stays Young

One such case is that of Brooke Greenberg. Greenberg appears to not age, and is the size of a 16-month-old, although she chronologically is 18 years old. Enigmatically, Brook can’t speak, and can only recognize sounds. Medical science is baffled, and there is no other such case in history.

Hiccup King Christophoer Sands

What’s the longest time you’ve ever had the hiccups? Among the strange people is Christopher Sands has ongoing hiccups now for over three years. Doctors have been unable to find relief for Christopher Sands. He’s tried hypnosis, medications, and yoga. His story was featured on Japanese TV. A watching medic suggested he may have a tumour. Tests found he was correct and that it was pinching nerves that control breathing. The diagnosis probably saved his life. Now Sands can finally lead a normal life again after having the tumour removed.

The Ice Man

Among strange people is Mr. Wim Hof is known as the Ice Man, who never gets cold. Hof holds the Guinness world record for a bath in ice for over an 60 minutes. Wim Hoff was able to run a marathon in the Arctic Circle in his bare feet , and dive beneath the surface ice at the North Pole. What’s more, some say he has a cold personality.

Bhagat’s Bag in His Belly Was His Twin

Sanju Bhagat’s belly looked pregnant, his belly was so huge. Finally, in his hometown of Nagpur, India, Dr. Mehta operated on Sanju Bhagat’s stomach. What emerged from the surgery was his dead twin, but the body was “living” off Bhagat from the umbilical cord.

These were twins who went everywhere together.

The Rattlesnake Man

Jackie Bibby is very fond of rattlesnakes. He has the world record for resting in a tub full of 75 live rattlesnakes (Bibby was clothed) in Los Angeles, California. Also, Bibby has stuffed his mouth on a few occasions with ten rattlesnakes for ten seconds. He is still alive, and it has been told that he eats the rattlers after performing. I just hope they are cooked first.

The Human With the Most Tattoos

Talking about strange people! Lucky Diamond Rich has the most tattoos of any human ever. According to the Guinness Book of World Records. He has tattoos completely covering his body. Lucky Diamond Rich has many areas of skin with a few layers of tattoos. I hear it’s painful to be tattooed. This Australian has tattoos inside his mouth, ears, and foreskin. He’s been tattooed by 136 tattoo artists in 17 countries.

Thai Gnoc: Awake Since 1973

Thai Gnoc is not your typical 68-year-old Vietnamese farmer. He contracted a fever in 1973, and hasn’t slept a wink since. Doctors in Da Nang found him healthy, and still works long hours at his farm in Que Trung. His wife commented, “My husband used to sleep well, but these days, even liquor cannot put him down.” He has six children, which should be no surprise. I wonder if he ever lets his wife sleep nights, though.

Mr. Monsieur Mangetout (Mr. Eat-It-All)

Michael Lotito is known as Mr. Eat-It-All (Monsieur Mangetout). He is from Granoble, France, where he’s been eating glass, rubber and metal for years. Don’t park your bike, TV, car, or plane next to him. Lotito has a history of eating such items since a child, when doctors said he needed more iron. He has a heavy appetite, but eats slowly. It took him two years to eat a Cessna 150; A Cessna 150 is a two-seat tricycle gear general aviation airplane!

Shoichi Yokoi Hid from Allied Troops 28 Years

Shoichi Yokoi was a tough Japanese soldier, sent to Guam in 1941 by the Imperial Army. When US troops took over the island, Yokoi took refuge in a large underground jungle cave. In 1972, Yokoi was discovered by two residents of Guam in a secluded area. With his old rifle at his side, when he arrived in Japan he lamented, ”It is with much embarrassment that I have returned alive.”


Connie Culp Gets a Facial; Literally a New Face

Connie Culp unfortunately had her face shattered from a shotgun blast in the face by her husband. In one of 30 operations, Culp became the first full face transplant patient in the United States.

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