10 Weirdest Mustaches

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Mustaches are always fashionable throughout history, and at times, sporting a mustache has been a huge fad. I’m not sure if these 10 awefully strange people or weird looking people are making the hot list though.¬†Sorry, no woman made the top ten in this category.

Could this be Bob Keeshan (Captain Kangaroo), who just let his moustache get a little wilder?

He would never have to buy a rope, would he?

Great artist Salvador Dali, a bit too weird? Wonder what it’s like having to stare at his own whiskers mustache?

Doesn’t he look as if he’s donning a chandalier? I wonder if it’s wind resistant?

I wonder what this gentleman’s mustache would be like when he goes to bed at night, hopefully he won’t be poking his wife too hard with it, if he had one.

Baseball hall-of-famer, Rollie Fingers, this one is weird but still kind of cute!

Staring at his cat too much?

This is the back of his head, you knew that right?

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