Tooth Tattoos of the Royal Couple

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What person doesn’t hate going to the dentist? Who would volunteer to sit in the dentist’s chair as they had tattoos applied to their teeth? No one, right? Wrong! Meet the Royal Knucklehead, 29-year-old Barmy Baz Franks, a plumber from Britain.

Mr. Franks voluntarily had the images of the Royal Couple, Kate Middleton and Prince Middleton tattooed on his teeth with ultrafine stencils and brushes. The art is known by the name “gnasher tats,” and they will last for about three months. Of course, that all depends on how often he brushes his teeth, thereby removing the weird art.

Barmy paid over $1,600 for what he says is a tribute to the celebrated nuptials. He says that he just wanted to show his support in a special way. Check out the unique artwork in the odd photo above.

Would you go that far to show your support?

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