Woman with The Largest Legs in The World

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This is Mandy Sellars who’s said to have the largest legs in the world. Mandy is afflicted with a condition known as Proteus Syndrome. If that sounds familiar, you are correct. Proteus Syndrome is the same thing the Elephant Man was born with; a very rare condition thought to afflict only 120 people in the world. These are some strange people!

Mandy from Lancashire, England, is a very small woman, with her upper half being a mere size 8. The top half of her body weighs in at 68 pounds, and her legs are said to weigh nearly 300 pounds. Talk about needing to go to a mix-n-match store to buy your clothing!

I have seen pictures of strange animals, and often times they turn out to be fake photos. Supposedly, this woman and this story are completely real. What do you think?

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