World’s Skinniest House

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Some of the very bizarre things in the world including these very skinny houses. This photo of the model by Jakub Szczesny, will be the world’s skinniest house, and is to be located in Warsaw, Poland. It will vary in width from 4 feet, to 28 inches — that’s narrower than a typical door, which is about 32 inches wide!

Szczesny is having it built for the same reason so many houses are narrow in New York City: lack of space. It will fill a veritable crack between a two buildings in the Wola district of Warsaw. When finished in December of 2011, it will be the skinniest house in the world.

This unusual house will be a home and work place for an Israeli writer, Etgar Keret. It will also be a “studio for invited guests—young creators and intellectuals from all over the world.” Certainly, the obese friends will have an incentive to slim down now.

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