Iowa Welder May Have World’s Largest Bicycle

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Lewis, Iowa, is one of the smallest towns in America, with a population of about 450, but has what may be the biggest bicycle in the world. It’s much bigger than the bike owned by Ukraine’s Leonid Stadnyk, who towers at 8’5’’ tall.

It must be the cold winters here that bring out the creativity in people from here to make something big. Of the bizarre things, Kool-Aid (AKA ghetto juice), which has gone big world-wide, was invented by a man born in this tiny town: Edwin Perkins.

Duane Weirich, a Lewis, Iowa resident and welder, masterfully built this gargantuan bicycle, after he received the news that the popular Great Bike Race Across Iowa was speeding through Lewis soon.

Weirich wanted to pay a huge tribute to the bike race by building this attention-getting canary yellow bike. The dimensions are a staggering 32-feet-long, and 18-feet-high. The innovative, creative welder said he will soon build the bike to ride. This, will be quite a “feet” to pedal this bike. Happy engineering, in building it, Duane Weirich.

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