8 year old girl goes to The Voice. When the judges heard, they didn’t expect to see that!


There are many contest shows in which regular people participate to show their talent and compete for a chance to enter show business. One of the most popular shows lately is The Voice, the singing competition in which judges can’t see the competitors until after they’ve declared a verdict on their singing. It has aired in different versions for each country for many seasons.

Lots of people of all ages and kinds compete, and the results are usually very shocking. This video shows one of the more talented AND young contestants seen so far. Her singing was both unique and adorable, and it made my jaw drop!

The little girl in this video is only 8, but she shows great talent. Her name is Larissa, and she went to compete on the Kids version of The Voice in Germany, in 2014. She may be young, but she definitely has skill and persona. In her first try, she sang the popular song “Cups”. He made everyone smile with her incredible voice, and impressed the judges with both her singing and her cup skills! I’m totally sure you will find her performance impressive too.

You can see her awesome singing in the video here! What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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