Parrot asked how she views herself. I fell out of my chair at her answer!

There are some people who just view parrots as being really gifted mimics. Yes, some of them are basically like feathered tape recorders. But some breeds of parrots show a really high level of intelligence. They are doing a lot more than just spitting back whatever they hear to their mommy or daddy. Take this video of a bird that’s starring front and center – she even declares herself a “superstar” when she’s asked.

We see Einstein, an African Gray parrot doing some kind of show at the Knoxville Zoo. She’s asked to do anything from imitate cars to singing “Happy Birthday”. It’s an amazing thing to watch. She surely captivated everyone with every answer that she gave. This was definitely worth the price of admission for anyone who attended it. I would go back for repeat sessions if I lived in that area.

I was stunned at how smart Einstein is. Well there’s a reason that she’s named EINSTEIN.  She knows so many words and her impressions are uncanny. She does so many of them well. Then again, African Gray Parrots are among the smartest birds out there. It’d be fascinating to see her talk live.

She has a real personality too. I loved her reactions to showing emotions, from happiness to boredom. It’s great that she’s part of the outreach program at the Knoxville Zoo. How smart is she? She’s given talks at the TED expo. Yes, that’s right, the place that people give motivational speeches.

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