He Bends Down To Kiss His Horse. But When I Saw What The Horse Did In Return, It Blew My Mind!


Animals always repay your kindness with double vigor and enthusiasm. If you train them with the love and care they deserve, there is rarely anything that they wouldn’t do for you. This video shows exactly that. We all have seen acrobatics, right? I know it seems impossible, but even horses and dogs are capable of it!

This video features a trainer and his beautiful horse. This clip contains a combination of shows that he has carried out with his two horses and two dogs. He doesn’t have to use harsh measures to make his pets obey him. The love and understanding that he shares with his companions allows him to communicate with them perfectly. This video was really amazing!

The first part of the clip shows him perform with one of his horses. This is a stunning animal who seems totally in love with his trainer. This horse will bow and let the trainer crawl between his legs. The trainer even sits backwards on the horse and slides off, and while he is behind the horse, the horse walks backwards using the trainer as a guide.

Later in the video he performs with two horses and two dogs, both Border Collies which are extremely smart. The dogs actually sit on the horses while they lie down. These four animals have obviously formed a close bond with each other.

I’m amazed at what this man can do with these animals. He seems to love them very much and they seem to return the love.

Watch these brilliant performers in the video below. What are your thoughts about this? Let us know them in the comments!

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