A Cat Walks Up To This Busy Cop. But What He Does Next? I Can’t Stop Laughing! LOL!

I am sure all of us know by now that some cats love to snuggle and some will snuggle up next to anyone who seems receptive. There are a few that will snuggle even when the person isn’t susceptible, as you will see in this funny clip.  Snuggling can happen at the strangest of times, too.

Sometimes your cat could come up to you when you are in the loo, other times they could waltz up when you are out giving a ticket to a car. Yes, giving a traffic ticket is signals snuggle time for one cat. That’s precisely what happened to Officer Keith Urban during a traffic stop near an old farm in Texas.

The officer was in the middle of writing a ticket when a cat just walked up to him. He tried ignoring it at first, but this little furball was pretty persistent. At first, the cat just rubbed up against his leg, and the officer didn’t do anything. Then the cat climbed up his leg, and the officer didn’t do anything. Then the cat hops on his arm, climbs up his chest, and the officer gives him a little pat, and he climbs up to rest on the officer’s shoulders! And the officer did nothing! LOL!

But eventually, he does remove the cat and gently puts him on the ground. But this persistent little kitty is not deterred. He told the paper later: “I think the driver of that vehicle was laughing a little bit…And the driver even offered to get out of the vehicle and remove the cat.” This was recorded from the officer’s patrol car’s dash cam.

Good for this officer for being so patient with the kitty. Even when the cat is almost sitting on his head and licking his face, he continues to write the ticket. Good for the kitty, unfortunate for the driver.

Watch the video below! Does your cat do something like this? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!