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Device pulls water from the air

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The winning entry for last year’s James Dyson Award goes to Edward Linnacre.

Linnacre, a student at Swinburne University in Melbourne, said he was inspired by the Namib beetle when he designed Airdrop. The beetle stretches out its wings into the early morning fog to collect droplets of water.

Airborn also removes moisture from the air, to irrigate crops in drought-stricken areas. Linnacre’s observation of the Namib Beetle showed that even the driest air contains molecules of water.  The water molecules can be gathered when the air temperature is lowered to the point of condensation.

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Bizarre Invention Replacing Toilet Paper

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Speaking of bizarre things! In most developed nations, you use toilet paper, but now there’s a product that is trying to make toilet paper obsolete. Welcome to your toilet the Comfort Wipe.

It’s touted as being a sure way to be clean hygienically. No longer is there that question of any fecal matter somehow getting on your fingers. It seems to be sensible, if it does all that the Comfort Wipe is purported to do.