A child sitting in the road? Be careful: could be a prank or something worse

As each year goes by, science and technology continue their inexorable march. Computers get better, cars get new safety features, medical technology improves, astronomers discover new planets, you name it! Now if only human nature could make such progress…

Late one winter night, a 33 year-old woman from North Carolina was driving home from work when she saw something in the middle of the road. When she got closer, she was shocked to see what looked like a child sitting there! Just as she was coming to a stop so she could make sure the “child” was okay, two men in dark clothes and hoodies came out of nowhere and approached her. They tried opening her car doors, but fortunately, she’d locked them. At the same time, she realized that the “child” in the road was actually just a dummy. She was able to speed away from the scene and then call the police.

Driving away was “absolutely the right thing to do,” according to the local sheriff’s office. There was no telling if the men she saw were armed. There was also no telling when they had in mind: stealing her car, robbing her, worse? Several days later, the police tracked down three juveniles, aged 10, 14, and 17. They claimed they had no criminal intentions and that they’d put the dummy in the road as a prank: it would be fun to see someone freak out after thinking they’d just run over an actual child.

It isn’t clear if that’s the whole story but even if it was just a prank, it should serve as a reminder that it’s always a good idea to keep your car doors locked. If you see something suspicious, be cautious, drive away, and call the police. It might not be kids pulling a prank.

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