Confetti and a standing ovation for 10 year-old’s amazing cover of “Clarity”

When Angelica Hale, a 10 year-old from Atlanta, appeared on the twelfth season of the hit reality show “America’s Got Talent,” she looked every bit the schoolgirl she is. But as you’ll see, this is a schoolgirl with incredible singing talent.

Angelica was luckier than most to make it onto the show. Several years earlier, a severe case of bacterial pneumonia triggered septic shock, leading to organ failures and scarring in one of her lungs. She made it through, but her ultimate survival depended on receiving a kidney transplant. Fortunately, her mom Eva was a match and a very willing donor. Not long after leaving the hospital Angelica began seeing a vocal coach. The lessons quickly paid off: she was soon winning competitions and performing at charitable events.

The young lady from Atlanta took the “America’s Got Talent” quarterfinals by storm, singing an astonishing cover of Zedd’s 2012 hit “Clarity.” Judges Heidi and Mel B had some doubts about whether Angelica was really going to be able to hit all those high notes, but she proved them wrong, demonstrating her astonishing vocal range. She received a well-deserved standing ovation from the live audience and all four judges. Chris, one of the judges, was especially impressed: “I’m so blown away because you walk out and… you’ve got these sneakers on and you look like an adorable little child and then you open your mouth and it’s like, how do those pipes fit in that tiny body? You’re unbelievable!” And then to everyone’s delight, not least Angelica’s, he hit the golden buzzer, sending down a flurry of confetti.

Angelica might have won the entire competition were it not for Darci Lynne Farmer and her amazing skill as a singing ventriloquist. Still, being the runner-up was nothing to be ashamed of. Angelica was even a good sport and gave Darci Lynne a hug when they announced the ventriloquist was the champion.

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