Controversy Over National Anthem Has Many in A Tizzy. When THIS Famous Star Performs It…WOW!


The super bowl has always been a big event. The long trials the teams have face to get to here. The amazing saves, unbelievable throws, instant replay catches that would be impossible for most, turns us towards the television on Feb seventh. For the 2016 Super Bowl, held in Santa Clara, California, Lady Gaga was asked to perform at the half time show. I expected to see the star clad in the latest, beautifully eccentric, professionally eclectic stylings of a mad genius of a fashion designer. Some dress that challenged conventions and sparked gossip.

The unfortunate past and recent events by the police has left a bad taste in most of the people’s lives. It tastes a whole lot like injustice and loss of freedom. I guess if I had to describe it, an initial taste such as stinging or acidic, followed by a heavily unrefined, visibly odorous, bitterness. Many, when freedom is no longer offered as a way of life, will react in the same fashion. We’re all losing our rights, incrementally. Thus, we can’t see the big picture until it’s too late.

I knew very little of Lady Gaga initially. Her music, while reaching the top of the charts, having record sales, and being loved by MILLIONS, sort of threw me off. It’s catchy and somewhat original. Her fashion has been the talk of the town for years. Her demeanor as she effortlessly displays countless designers beautiful clothing is nothing short of dark, commanding and some say seductive. When I initially heard that Lady Gaga was going to do the National Anthem, after listening to Poker Face, I kind of chuckled. “What sort of techno trance crazy are they going to have in the background?” Was definitively one of the first thoughts that popped in my mind.

I was surprised however, as the actor, singer, songwriter, thespian quad-threat, took the stage in a modest, yet patriotic red, sparkling suit. When asked how she was planning to sing the Anthem, she replied that it was such a beautifully timeless classic, and performing it in any other way than how it was intended would be an unfortunate handling of the respect of America’s history. This alone had me blown away. The amount of patriotism and respect is just inspiring.

With February, fast approaching, the Super Bowl will prove to be interesting this year, to say the last.

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