Dad leans in and starts singing. Check out his baby’s reaction. A very loving moment!

Having a baby is one of the best experiences in the life of a person. Many fathers, especially the first-timers can get very nervous and not know what to do at certain times. No matter how many books you read, nothing can prepare you for the challenging task that parenting is. It’s not only knowing when to change diapers or help the baby burp.

One of the scariest scenarios for fathers is when their baby gets sick. You see there’s definitely something wrong with the baby, but that’s about it. You must base your judgment on how the baby acts or cries, the only problem is that you are not sure how a baby is supposed to act. I can tell you myself, this is scary, I’ve been there.

I used to be the type of fathers who would take their baby daughter to the doctor at the slightest sign that there was something wrong. The first time I went there was because I saw the baby sneezing. She had started to eat a little less and I got scared that something might be wrong. The doctor examined her and told me that she had a little cold.

Fortunately, she hadn’t had any fevers, but she did get some medication prescribed. Ever since she got sick I would go to her room in the middle of the night to see if she was breathing. My wife used to tell me that I was exaggerating but I didn’t care. Having that first baby prepared me for the second one, who was also a girl.

By the time the second baby came, I felt a lot more confident that I would know what to do. I used a lot of my previous experience to be able to tell what the baby had and didn’t go to the doctor that much. When the baby had a fever, I knew what to give her and how to lower the temperature until I got to the doctor’s office. One of the things she enjoyed the most was when I sang a song to her, so she could sleep.

Much like the father in the following video. He loves to spend time with his baby and sing to her. He’s singing the song, “You are so beautiful,” and the minute he starts singing, it’s like she knows what the song says and the love with which her father is singing it to her. Just look at the expression of love in the baby’s eyes. I can tell you that as a father, seeing that expression of love in your baby’s eyes is what I longs for the most. Simply lovable!