Dad records his son with down syndrome while he belts out a Whitney Houston hit. This is about to go viral!

Music is as universal as love is. It can surpass any limitation that a person might have and reach the hearts of millions with one single note. It is said that music is an international language that can be spoken by anyone who wishes to be heard. Parents of children with certain physical or mental limitations have found in music the best therapy for their son or daughter.

There is a reason that many experts have recommended playing classical music for babies that have not been born yet. You’ve probably heard of this one before, right? Mozart makes babies smarter? When my oldest child was still in his momma’s belly I did play classical music. I would also sing to her as often as I could, and I can say that she did, in fact, come out smart.

I believe genetics also play a key factor, but you can’t deny the influence of music of a person’s intellect. Soon-to-be-born-babies are not the only ones that can benefit from music. Children who have been born with a disability have also shown improvements in their communication skills and their mood. Experts believe that children should be led to experimenting with several musical instruments. Some of them will grow fond of one of them and it will be used as a coping mechanism for stress, as well as a means of communication.

I remember seeing this case of a young autistic boy. He had been going to therapy for 4 years and have made little progress. His parents had wanted to cut back on his medication as they had noticed he had gotten a little more aggressive after starting taking them. One of his friends was very big on alternative medicine and suggested that they try music therapy.

The entire concept of music therapy did not sound that medical to them, but they decided to give it a try. After a few days of playing classical music for their son, they noticed an immediate improvement in his mood and the way he handled stress. They also got a keyboard for him which he would play anytime he felt frustrated. The result was that he had cut his medication in half, and was communicating a lot better with everyone around him.

The little guy in the next video looks like his all for this type of therapy. He has always enjoyed music and became a fan of Whitney Houston after he watched a documentary on her life. He loves to sing Whitney Houston songs, as this video which became viral proves. He is singing with all his heart and even makes you wonder if a singing career is in the making.