Debbie Reynolds Shows Us Why So Many People Loved Her. This Clip Gives Me Chills Every Time.

When it came to the 1950’s, Debbie Reynolds was Hollywood royalty. She was box office and musical gold. After bursting onto the scene in ’50, Reynolds was active in show business all the way up until her death in 2016. She was a charismatic woman who could captivate anyone instantly. This video, which is a clip from one of her movies, shows her beauty and charm for all of us to see.

We see Reynolds singing “Tammy”, a song from her movie “Tammy and the Bachelor”. The movie came out in 1957. There would be other “Tammy” movies, but this was the only one that Reynolds would act in. When this movie came out, she was already a mother to a child who would become world-famous herself: Carrie Fisher. Carrie had been born in ’56, and they probably had to work filming around her birth.

It was such a sad thing to have both Carrie and Reynolds die so close to each other. Many thought that Fisher’s death is what made Reynolds give up too. Hopefully, they are having a blast somewhere now. They had been estranged for a while, mostly during Fisher’s 20’s and 30’s, but the two had become close again. That’s why it was actually unsurprising that she wanted to join Carrie.

One of the coolest things about this clip is that it also shows a young Leslie Nielsen. Yes, the same man that made the “Naked Gun” and “Airplane!” movies. “Surely you can’t be serious!” “I am serious… and don’t call me Shirley.” Before he took on the roles of Frank Drebin and Dr. Rumack, he was a dramatic actor. We’re lucky that he switched to comedy in the later stages of his career.

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