The decision made to euthanize a “unadoptable.” cat, then just 1-hour later…


The clip below will have you in tears, it is a sad story that had only 1 day to have a happy ending. There are a lot of stories like this one that don’t have an ending that we all like to see, so when you watch this share it with all of your friends, it is an inspiration for us all.

Benben the orange tabby, arrived at an animal shelter in extremely bad shape. He was in such a bad way, with deep cuts ad a crushed spine, the shelter decided that he was “Unadoptable” and would be euthanized. The vets at the shelter were of the opinion the Benben would never walk again his injuries being so bad. It appeared that Benben was probably attack by a larger animal and was lucky to survive the time he had.

It seemed that Benben was resigned to his fate, he just lay in his cage, he stopped eating, it was as if he was just waiting to die. Someone posted a picture of him on the net which soon became known as “The Saddest Cat in the World” the images of him were heartbreaking, you could see the distress and sadness in his eyes, the world had dealt him a cruel fate and it seemed that the end was inevitable.

The day before Benben scheduled demise, a Good Samaritan woman working in a veterinarian emergency room saw the picture of this so called “Unadoptable” cat and paid a visit to the shelter. She could see how sad and desperate Benben was and decided to adopt him then and there. It was obvious to her that the fretting feline needed lots of love and a safe home to recuperate.

Incredibly, as soon as Benben was relocated to his new home he immediately perked up and seemed to get back the will to live. He was asking for cuddles and was purring constantly, something he had not done for quite some time. His recuperation took several months, but to the surprise of his careers he was able to play, run and jump again. Against all odds this very lucky cat had survived to live another day.

Benbens story is not only inspirational, but also shows us how capable we, as human beings, can be. An unselfish act by a kind hearted woman who by chance was made aware of the fait awaiting this poor animal just opened up her heart. We could all learn something by the remarkable story, people like you and I who are supposedly top of the food chain, can make a huge difference to the other animals that share our planet. We need to be more responsible for the creatures that we sometimes are tasked to protect and look after before we lose them for good.

Please share this video to all of your friends, after all, there may be another Benben out there waiting for a second chance at life.

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