Disney Is Reviving One Of Its Older Television Shows. I Honestly Can’t WAIT To See It.

It’s always great to hear when a certain franchise from my past is being revived. Though I always worry about a new group of creatives screwing up the magic of the past. “The Muppets” was a prime example. It took what was a goofy variety show and tried to shoehorn in adult plots and humor in its new incarnation. No wonder it lasted only a season. I hope “Duck Tales” has a much better fate in store.

I always loved Scrooge McDuck. Even if he did love money just a bit too much. Then there’s the trio of Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Let’s not forget their dear ol’ Dad, Donald. Bringing these guys back, especially at this time, is a welcome respite from the madness of the world. Or something to that vein. It’s just nice to see something from my time coming back to the television screen. Just in time too with Disney cancelling “Girl Meets World.”

Ah, the memories. I love it when they bring back anything from the past three decades. I also enjoy shows like “The Goldbergs” that are set back in that time. There’s NOTHING like reliving my teen years. Nothing. Excuse me, I’ll just be sitting over there in a corner, sobbing. Just kidding. Sort of. Like everything in our lives, there are both good memories and bad memories. This is good.

The sad thing for me is that shows that are set in the 1980s are like me watching Happy Days back in the day. They are so dated for people growing up today. “How did they survive with cell phones that were the size of phone books back then?” “Wait. People carried change JUST for making phone calls? On the street? And they had to hope they worked?” “Wow. You’re old.” I AM NOT OLD! Sorry, lost my temper for a second. Anyways, I can’t wait to watch this. I just need to get my walker first.

What nostalgia! Do you think that they will pull it off? Or will it be just another doomed cash grab? Be sure to leave a comment below!

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