Dog Sees Slice Of Pizza On The Table. His Stealth Moves To Get It For Himself? Amazing!

Dogs can be the best companions a person can ask for. They will be loyal for the duration of their life, they can protect a family from any would-be intruders and they can be a calming presence in the event of any adversity. That said, they can also be sneaky little so-and-so’s sometimes. Their mommies and daddies need to have eyes in the back of their heads if they have any food out. This video proves that.

We see a compilation of one of the most dastardly crimes a dog can commit – pizza theft. We see entire slices being snatched, crusts, toppings, you name it. To show how remorseless these pooches are, the acts are often carried out in broad daylight, sometimes with the unsuspecting victim mere feet away! Is that what our society is becoming? One where this act can go on unchecked – though would you want to eat the slice after it’s been in a dog’s mouth?

The video is 2:35 and I must say that it was 2:35 too long. So many pizzas were sacrificed in making this video. I mean, geez, if the dog wanted a slice, he or she could have asked instead of taking. What kind of example are they setting for the puppies? They need better role models and running off with their mommy’s or daddy’s delicious, delicious pizza is not the way to live an honorable life.

I must say that this video did make me nearly physically ill. I am a pizza addict… um… connoisseur… and seeing all these pizzas being snatched away from people just brought a tear to my eye. Maybe I could pitch a PizzaGuard, a barrier of some sort to keep dogs away, on one of those entrepreneurial reality shows. Though I would have a hard time answering the question: “Why can’t people just put their pizza further in the middle of the table or just close the box?” To that, I would say, “Have you SEEN this video?” I could be a billionaire.

Are your dogs thieves when it comes to pizza or is there another food that grabs their attention even more? Tell us all about

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