This Is Elvis At His Sexiest, But Wait Till You See Who Joins Him Onstage! OMG!

Blue Christmas is a popular Christmas song that has been recorded by Patti LaBelle, Tammy Wynette, Jon Bon Jovi, and others, but none as great as Elvis Presley’s version. Elvis sang this song live in a famous live show in 1968, with his black leather suit the King of Rock and Roll was in his prime.

The fans in the audience were all fawning over the king, crying and going crazy some of them. However, they all look a bit old school. What can we do about this to better appeal to modern youngsters?

Martina McBride figured it out. She wanted to be the fawning modern woman in the clip. So she just inserted herself in the Elvis performance (with the help of digital artists, of course), and this video is the result.

The song is marvelous. Elvis Presley’s rendition was timeless. That voice was a killer, and Martina agreed. Just look at the two of them. Mad eye contacts and come-ons, the mutual attraction was clear and undeniable from the outset. They’d be figuring out where to go after that.

Well, it was all make believe, though there’s nothing wrong with make believes. This music video of the virtual duet has been viewed over 9 million times, nothing wrong with that either.

It was clever and highly entertaining. I showed it to my neighbor’s young son and he watched and enjoyed the whole clip without once coming into his head that it was a virtual duet, that Elvis and Martina never met, or at least not as adults.

How you seen this clip before? Could you tell that it was a virtual duet? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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