The Empathy Of This Noble Horse Is Astounding! When He Thinks His Friends Are Hungry! Too Good!


Kindness is a trait that we can find in nearly every animal. Even horses. The mommy and daddy of the two horses were puzzled why one of them wasn’t eating after being allowed back on hay. He had been restricted for some kind of medical reason and then when they started giving him hay, he acted like he was full. They didn’t want to have to have a sick horse again, so they started investigating. That’s where this video comes in.

It turns out one of the horses was taking the hay from his stall and passing it through to the other stall via the bars in between. Talk about a jailhouse swap… Apparently, he felt that his stall-mate was starving because of a lack of hay. It’s not like he understood that the other horse was eating other foods. He just meant well. I happened to view this on Christmas and the spirit of giving was flowing strongly through me. No, I didn’t have any eggnog beforehand…

The video of one of them picking up a lot of hay and then passing it through really touched me. Sure, it’s not the most sanitary of things with the horses, but then again, these are creatures who eat things off of the floor or in a trough to begin with. It’s not like they go and wash their hooves before mealtime, tuck a bib around their necks and then locate a knife and fork.

The lesson behind this is simple – help each other out even if it means sacrificing something for yourself. The horse on the left in the video could very well have just kept eating all his food and not worried about what was going on with the horse on the right. Just like we walk by homeless people each day and don’t stop to think about what they are going through. Maybe we could all afford to drop a little hay to them each day.

What an incredible video. What did you think? Be sure to leave a comment about it below!

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