EVERYBODY Was Talking About These “Christmas Clydesdales” in 1987. Do YOU Remember Them?

Next December, it will be 30 years since the Budweiser Clydesdales trotted into our lives. Many people will realize that this makes them officially old. Especially if they were already of legal drinking age. Since then, the horses have gone from just being called “horses with really, really big feet” to being a symbol of this brewing company. Other companies have gone through mascots faster than some people change their socks. These have endured.

The thing that makes it is that they never show the product that they are representing. It’s not like one of them suddenly stands up and starts drinking a Budweiser. There’s actually nothing that is associated with alcohol, save for the logo. That’s why they can make these holiday commercials and still tug at people’s heartstrings. The horses seem to embody the blue-collar ethic of the people who drink the beer. They just do the work and don’t complain.

This video was shot during a time in America when there were no cell phone cameras. Digital cameras were also rare. So these horses were able to make their trek without someone posting a photo on Instagram: “OMG! Look at these horses!” That’s why it also resonates with me – it takes me back to a simpler time. Even though those ‘simpler’ times were also fraught with tension as Russia and the United States stared each other down.

The people behind the marketing campaign were geniuses. They were able to be heartfelt without it feeling like they were beating people over the head with a “THESE ARE THE HOLIDAYS!” message. Like the horses themselves, they were simple and straightforward. Even though there were coachmen steering the horses, they remained anonymous. The horses were the star of the show. Which is why they have been recurring over the years.

Personally, I enjoyed the video. It just reminds me of winter holidays. The company that’s behind it didn’t bother me. What do you think? Leave a comment!

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