He finds a lifeless calf frozen. Watch how he saves his life!

Saving the lives of animals is one of the things that defines being human and humane. People are capable of feeling compassion and acting accordingly. Sometimes the simplest things a person can do can mean the world of difference for an animal in distress. The other day, I saw a video of some people who saw a couple of horses that had fallen into icy waters.

The thing is, the animals were walking along the countryside and had to cross a town. It had been snowing and thanks to the snow, most of the water ponds had gotten frozen. Many kids from that town had even decided to go skating in one of the lakes. The adults were very cautious and had tested the ice before. They were not taking any chances and were close by whenever the kids were skating.

When the horses got to the town, they became scared because of the noise and started running along a path that crossed the town. Then, they didn’t see there was a small pond that had gotten frozen and attempted to run across it. The horses made the ice give in and fell inside it. The horse’s lives would be in danger from that moment.

They started to panic and the more they paddled, the more they got tired. Also, because they had fallen together, they became tangled under the ice, which made them even more tired. Their necks were outside the water, but they would not remain that way if they didn’t find a way to get out of there. One resident saw the horses in distress from a distance and called other neighbors to see.

The people started gathering around the animals and devising a plan to get them out. One of them had some rope at his house, so he went to get it. The other residents called the fire station. The more hands they had to help the better. The firemen thought of a way of tying the rope to the horses without injuring them or putting their lives in jeopardy.

Everyone worked together pulling the horses out of the pond and got them to safety. After that, they all brought blankets, so they could cover the horses and make them warmer. All their efforts proved to be on point because the horses recovered fully within a few hours. That day, there was no single hero that had saved the day. It was a team effort.

Fortunately, this is not an isolated case. People around the world have shown compassion for animals and are not afraid to step in, even putting themselves in harm’s way to save an animal in danger. From animals that have fallen into traps, or that have been victims of abuse or the elements. Just like this farmer that had missed one of his cows giving birth. Unfortunately, the calf had gotten frozen. The farmer was not letting this happen!