He Finds A Tiny Puppy Sleeping On The Grass. Carefully Watch Him When He Starts Recording…

So this lady looked out her window just to see a cat, a horse, a human and a dog rolling around in the field! This is the funniest! I guess shocked isn’t really the word for someone who happened upon such a scene as this. I mean not only is such a large animal strange to see on the ground, now add a cat and a person joining in the fun and you have something to really talk about.

It’s one of the most endearing things you could ever see, and it shows the power that animal friendship has. The woman is actually just catching her husband having some of his usual fun with the family animals in the yard. It’s very clear that they have all been up to this sort of thing before and it’s wonderfully funny.

Video footage of different species of animals getting along like this always crack me up and make me think about how easy it really is for us all to just get along!

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