Florida family pays a Christmas tribute to fallen soldiers. It’s stunning to watch and hear!

Decorating the outside of your place with Christmas lights is a tradition for many people. Some do it as a creative outlet, others do it to be noticed by others. Some do it to cause envy in those same people who they want to notice their work. It might seem like some do it to help their doctor get money to buy holiday gifts since they fix whatever they break when they fall off a ladder while putting the lights up. The family in this video did it so that people would pay attention to those who died while serving our country.

This house in Florida, for example, is showing a lot of Christmas spirit. There are a lot of Christmas lights on its exterior. It’s not just the lights that attract attention from people and makes them want to visit and film it . Those lights are synchronized to flash while Lee Greenwood’s “Proud To Be An American” plays over speakers. Now that’s a really cool and thought-provoking Christmas message about sacrifice and honor.

People come up with different ways to show their love for their country. Patriotism is way more than just reciting the National Anthem and wearing a flag pin. Some people are more ostentatious about how they go about this than others. They prefer choosing signs, flags and other items. The Florida house is a very creative alternative, though I’d hate to get their December electric bill. That wouldn’t make my heart soar with love for our country. It’d probably stop it and that wouldn’t be good for anyone involved.

If it’s cold outside where you are, watch this video. Your heart will warm up very quickly. Nothing can heat people up faster than patriotism. If you followed the 2016 election cycle, you know there are good ways to show patriotism and bad ways. Guess which category this one falls under?

I can’t stop looking at the light show. Check out the video and let us know what you think in the comments!