Footloose Parrot Shows His Parents a Thing or Two! How This Dance Star Cuts Loose!


There’s a special place in many of our hearts for videos that feature animals bopping along to music. They represent the unfiltered id of our brains – there’s no filter from their brain to what they fell. While some of us may feel shy about showing how much we like music. I, for example, practically must be dragged out onto a dance floor, even though I do enjoy the rhythms. Not the parrot that we see in this video.

The video starts with the parrot, called a black-head Caique, perched atop a stereo. It doesn’t turn the music on itself. That would be too much and I’d faint before even seeing what happened next. No, someone else turns on the music and the parrot starts hopping around to the beat. Part of it reminds me of those Russian Cossack dancers who crouch down and kick their feet out. “Hey!” It’s really fun… and the parrot is better than some people I’ve seen on the dance floor. My feet still hurt thinking about those times.

What makes it so fun to watch is that the parrot seems so happy where he is. The music’s his groove and all he wants to do is move his feet… er… claws… talons? Whatever. He feels the rhythm and it makes him soar. Well, not literally, though he could do that if he wanted to. The stereo is his favorite place to hang out. Hey, whatever makes him happy. We all should do things like this that make us feel good and content.

One good thing about the music is that it soothes them. If they were anxious before, this helps calm them down. The dancing is something that makes them feel good. I have two cats, so having a bird like this is out. Unless I wanted to play 24/7 to calm the parrot down from the stress of having the cats chasing him or her all over the place. Then I think the neighbors would complain.

This parrot was amazing at boogying to the music. What did you think? Tell us in the comment section below!

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