Former Trump Executive Released Video During 2016 Campaign. Its Contents? Intriguing.

The recent 2016 Presidential Election was a bitterly-fought event between two sides that genuinely loathe each other. The chance of bridging this divide between Republicans and Democrats is a scant one. Donald Trump continues to be pilloried to this day with a vitriol not seen since Barack Obama won the ’08 election. There was one person who was tired of seeing Trump roasted during the campaign.

Lynne Patton was a former executive in the Trump organization. She released a video during the election cycle that painted her former boss in a very good light. Instead of the fearmonger that he showed himself to be, she said they were very charitable and kind. Though we wouldn’t know about the charitable part, since he still hasn’t released his tax returns. Patton does deserve some points for loyalty.

The question remains: Why was she one of the few who were not related to him to actually say nice things about Trump? Sure, people like Omarosa and Ben Carson praised him, but I have a feeling that there was an agenda behind both of their actions. Yes, she may have had good experiences with the Trump family, but that doesn’t erase all the terrible things that same family did and said during the election cycle and beyond.

I’m not going to lie. This whole election cycle made me extremely cynical. Trump has next to no friends. Why is Patton nearly the only one that really came forward? Everyone else likely just wants to put their hands in the cookie jar that is Trump’s Cabinet. They are willing to say whatever they can to convince people that he is good. It rings hollow… and this is from a person that was also skeptical of the Democratic Nominee. As nice is this video is, it still makes me question her ulterior motives. Critical thinking is desperately needed during these times and it seems to be lacking.

What did you think of Patton’s video? Do you agree with her or are you still suspicious? The election is over, but that doesn’t mean Trump shouldn’t still be under the microscope. Please tell us you thoughts below.

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