The greatest Super Bowl advertisement of all time. The tears come pouring out…

Most likely the cutest and most heartwarming videos you will see today or any other for that matter.  This was the Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII commercial from last year that depicts a very special friendship between the Clydesdales and the cutest puppy! This little darling made this one of the most successful Budweiser commercials of all time.

The little dog runs away from the shelter home and ends up in a specific place again and again. He shows up in a stable with the Clydesdale horses one of them is his best friend. Every day he goes there but one day he gets adopted and what happens as a result will simply melt you.

The caretaker of the horses notices the puppy day in and day out, and he returns him to his owner who apologizes for the trouble. But yet again the puppy escapes every day to go and visit his buddy.

When he gets adopted from the shelter and the new owner goes to pull away his pal follows them. The other horses join in and block the new puppy’s owner and eventually he gives up and returns the dog to the horse stable when the stable owner finally gets the picture.

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