Groom starts dancing by himself, but the crowd goes nuts when the bride joins him

What’s your take on weddings? Ever since I was dating my wife, I got to go to a lot of them. The first one that I went to was themed in the 50’s. The bride and groom had to do many things to get everything looking like the golden era. But I remember everything looked fantastic. They were fans of that era of course and insisted everyone was dressed in that attire.

I thought that getting a 50’s style suit would be a piece of cake, but it really wasn’t. I would get to a store and the guy would say something like, “oh, I had a suit like that about 6 months ago, but we sold it.” Stores did not really have any inventory of those. I looked all over the city and quite a few sites online, but they did not carry the style I was looking for or the sizing was wrong.

Finally, after almost giving up, I did the most sensible thing I could think of at the moment, I went to see a tailor. This was the very first time I had gone to have any suit made for me. I had gone in the past, but it had been to get things fixed. The entire process took a few weeks, but I was very happy with the result. I found out there’s a reason that people say that there’s no feeling like getting into a tailor-made suit.

Another of my favorite weddings that I attended was a beach wedding. It took place in Hawaii, and let me tell you that the bride and groom could not have picked a better location for it. Everything in Hawaii is extra special, but a wedding… Everything looked straight out of a fairy tale. The decorations, the dresses… Everyone had to dress in white because it would be held in the early afternoon.

There were many of us who took an extra set of clothes, so we could be more comfortable at the party. We all stayed at the same hotel where the wedding would take place. My wife loved it. It was her very first visit to Hawaii and she would not leave disappointed. The dance was also great, the atmosphere was almost magical. I almost wanted to get married again.

I’ve also seen some weddings where the bride and groom treat the audience with some very cool dance moves. I thought I had seen the best of them until I saw the following video. The groom takes the stage and starts dancing. Then, everyone goes crazy when the bride takes the stage as well in a different dress. I’ll just say they’re both fans of Footloose!