Judge gives woman convicted of animal cruelty the same deserving punishment

How can we get offenders to stop committing crimes? Better yet, how do we send to jail only those who need to go? These have been many of the most intriguing and troubling questions on many people’s minds. We all know we already have an overpopulation problem in prisons. We also know that many times prisons do not accomplish their objective to reform an offender. What can we do to avoid that? For many people, the answer lies in the sentencing.

Frequently, first-time offenders get time in prison for petty crimes. This makes them experience prison for the first time. It also makes them be in contact with other more serious offenders which can get them in trouble. Some of them will go back home after their time and carry on with their lives, while others might go home with a couple of more ideas for crimes to commit.

This makes you rethink sentencing. When judges are forced to handle certain cases, they are forced to dish out unusual punishments. They need to get their point across. Judge Michael Cicconetti has developed a new form of sentencing. This has earned him a reputation for coming up with unique punishments for those who find themselves in his courtroom. Because of his innovative approach to the law, his sentencings have gone viral on numerous occasions.

According to the judge, it is important to take each case as its own entity. Some of these cases need to be taken a little more personal. His punishments are not cruel, but they are certainly unusual. Long jail sentences and hefty fines are not something he believes is the solution. Many people have landed in his courtroom and have been given a way out. There was a young boy who recently was presented to the judge for stealing a bicycle. Instead of the mandatory 45 days in jail, the judge gives him an option that might have been more effective. He was instructed to ride a bicycle on the following fund-raiser march for the whole trip. The defendant was happy to be given that option as he did not want to spend all those days in jail.

Alyssa Morrow is one of those people who finds herself in his courtroom. The charges: animal abuse and neglect. When investigators get to her home to find her dog, they discover something very close to a wasteland. Trash and terrible odors are everywhere and the animal is there in the middle of it all. The judge thinks that this is inexcusable and decides that she needs to learn a lesson. She pleads guilty to her crime and what happens next is certainly worth noticing.

Moose was a 7-year-old pitbull who was forced to live under those unsanitary conditions. Alyssa goes into the courtroom thinking that she will get off jail with a $100 fine. When the judge lets her know the mandatory sentence is 90 days, she thinks she is going to lose her mind. Then the judge thinks it would be a better punishment to have her experience the same thing as her dog. That’s when the judge says this…