Tiny Kitten Stands Patiently While Her Mommy Makes Her Bed… I Can’t Handle All This CUTENESS!

Is it me or does this little kitty look like just like Puss-n-Boots from that Disney Movie? You are simply going to melt when you see this…

A little warning first: CUTENESS OVERLOAD. Let’s face it. Kittens and cats practically own the Internet. That’s why we love them. It doesn’t take much. They just have inner-cuteness no matter what they do. That’s why I love them sooo much! Such beautiful and wonderful souls.

When I came across this short video, my heart melted. OMG. Seriously. I just wanted to reach out and hug that little kitten. Her mommy is preparing her bed and she stands there patiently, waiting. Not only is this kitten cute as a button, she is SMART as a whistle!

Towards the end I think I can hear her thinking, “Mother, are you done? You told me it would only take one second.”

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