“When this little kitten hears the song Uptown Funk, what she does! Hilarious!”


This little kitten is named Wilma and it would seem that Wilma is quite a talented dancer!

Yes, whomever said cats can’t dance has never seen Wilma! LOL She is certainly proof that even members of the feline species can dance their little hearts out.

Wilma is a foster kitty who knows how to dance, but not just to any old song! Her favorite song seems to be Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson. Every time she hears this song she apparently can’t help but start moving in time to the beat! 😉

Here you can see her start bobbing her head to the music the minute it starts playing. Half way through the song though she also starts to move her feet to the beat!

So, if you want to watch Wilma break out in dance to her favorite song watch this video then let us know what you thought of her little performance by commenting below.