This little baby deer walks up to him, but he wasn’t expecting any of this!

I love when animals in the wild lose their inhibition towards  people.  This couple ran into a baby deer while walking along in the Forest Park in Springfield, MA. The little one must not of spent too much time around humans or none at all because he came right up to them without hesitation.

The video gets so sweet as the man bends over to get close enough to the deer to actually feed it some water.  The uninhibited connection this newborn fawn shows when the humans come into contact with him just makes you melt right there in your seat! It’s so good to see that this little guy has nothing to be afraid of with this fortunate couple, and you see that they are more than willing to lend him a helping hand!

They even can be heard speaking with what seems to be an animal control expert as they explain how they happened to find the stranded deer. Hopefully they figured out a way to take care of the cute little bundle of joy and he is safe, happy, comfy and healthy somewhere right now.

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