This little girls’ version of “Hallelujah” is by far the best one you’ll hear!

One of the best things about talent shows is that you end up meeting people who you would have otherwise overlooked in other circumstances. Every day, a new star is born. Of all the people competing in these talent shows, the ones that have surprised me the most are children. Most of them have not even had much musical coaching, but for some reason still sound like pros.

One of them was a young boy by the name of Jack Vidgen. Jack became known after he took part in Australia’s Got Talent. His story was a typical one, except for the fact that his father became ill sometime before the show. Jack had participated in many school competitions which he had won, and his parents had become very supportive of him, especially his dad. So, when his dad became sick, it took a toll on the young amateur singer.

He went to the audition with his mother because his father was still in the hospital. His father didn’t want him to miss this chance of a lifetime, and told Jack to give it his best. When Jack walked up on the stage, he didn’t look nervous. There was something about the way he talked and answered the judge’s questions that showed a lot of confidence on his part. He felt so confident, that he decided to tackle one of Whitney Houston most difficult songs.

The song, “I have nothing” is known for having some very high notes. This song is even hard for a woman to sing and hit all the right notes. But Jack felt confident that he could do it. The music started, and the expectation started to build up in the audience and judges. Would he be able to hit those high notes? Everyone in attendance started to believe that he would nail the song as he headed for the chorus part. When he got there, he blew everyone with the amazing vocal range he had. He went to the next round and ended up winning the competition.

I heard other very surprising first auditions, like the one from a little girl called Celine Tam. She is very young but surprisingly very well spoken. Her family is very big fans of Celine Dion and they have many ways of proving it. Celine Dion is her family’s favorite singer, and all they appear to listen to is Celine Dion. Her name is Celine and her sister’s name is Dion! She won everyone’s heart when she started singing. She picked one of Celine’s classic staples and delivered like a big singer.

I had been looking for a new performance that would blow my socks off and I found it. It took place in the Russian version of ‘The Voice’. When the music starts, I can hear the familiar intro of the hit song, “Hallelujah!” I see three girls on the stage about to sing it, but nothing that I could have imagined would have prepared me for what I was about to hear. They sing the song in three different languages, and it’s the best rendition of this song I have ever heard!