Macaw Stands On Sink Counter, Ready For Bath. I Was Shocked At How She Acted.

Washing time can be a nightmare for many pets and their parents. The pets can sit in the sink or tub looking so miserable while they are being washed. Then there are the ones that can scratch their owners. Those owners tend to be well-stocked in first aid supplies. Then there’s this parrot, Miss Iris, that we see in the video. She makes washing herself look so easy. This is a bird who runs to the sink.

Miss Iris is a gorgeous Hyacinth Macaw with blue feathers. Maybe the color of her feathers correlates with how much she loves being bathed. She stands on a sink and turns the water on herself. While she loves bathing, she doesn’t jump into the sink and let it wash over her like a shower. No, she keeps running her head under the faucet every few seconds. Still, this is amazing that she actually likes baths.

What’s funny is that sometimes her mommy tries to lower the water flow or even turn off the sink and Miss Iris is having NONE of it. She even gently bites her mommy’s hand one time and turns the water on even higher. Then again, birds don’t pay water bills. She’s going to use as much of it as she likes and if anyone doesn’t like it…tough. She might whistle a different tune if she actually had to shell out money.

She seems to have a patient mother. We see her adjusting the water flow several times and even changes the intensity of it, from a rather steady stream to a pulse. This mommy wants what’s best for her baby. This is a good way for her to keep herself clean, that’s for sure. Many pet owners would love to have animals this clean. I don’t have to worry about that – I have two cats who are fanatical about grooming themselves .

Miss Iris is SO cute, isn’t she? If I didn’t have these two cats, I wouldn’t mind having a bird like her. How about you? Would you like to have one like this? Please tell us in the comments section.

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