Mama Dog Shows Puppy How To Use Stairs. When They Showed A Mama Cat, I Lost It.

There are always many different ways to teach kids. Some prefer to nurture the kids or animals. Others take a tough-love approach. Unfortunately, some veer off that path to abuse, but the vast majority of them are good people who can rein in their emotions when they need to. Whatever the method, the results are all that matter. It’d be interesting to see the results of what happened with this doggy mama and her puppy, and this mama cat with her kitten.

We start off with a retriever teaching her puppy how to come down the stairs. She bounds down first and waits patiently at the bottom while the pup musters the courage to make the trip down. There’s the occasional bark of encouragement from Mama, but other than that, she’s content to let her baby do it all on her own. After a couple of false starts, the pup makes his way down.

Contrast that with the cat one – you knew this was coming, right? The mama cat is at the top o the stairs with her kitten. The kitten starts to go down the stairs, hesitating. Mommy swats him on the bottom and AAAAAAAAAAH, down the stairs he goes. “Hey, no hesitation, kid. Waiting is for suckers. If a dog was chasing you down those stairs, you think he’d patiently wait for you to get your sorry butt down there? No. Move!”

While I’m sure that not every cat is like that and there have been dogs who have hastened their brood’s learning process, I thought it was hilarious how different the teaching styles are of the two species here. I kind of had a feeling that it was going to be something like this when I saw how patient the mama dog was, but I wasn’t ready for the swiftness of the mama cat. It was a good thing I didn’t wake my whole household with my laughter.

What a funny pair of videos. What did you think? Were you laughing at the cat? Be sure to leave a comment below!

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