Mama Raccoon Knocks On Woman’s Door Every Day. When She Realized Why, She Was Speechless

Mothers are great. They go above and beyond the possible to keep their little ones well fed and safe. This raccoon stayed with her little family inside the den at night to be safe from hungry predators and would forage for food in the day.

She came across a bowl of cat food at this woman’s Florida house and carried it back for her babies. This would go on for a while but one day she saw the cat’s bowl was empty and there was no food! What she did next amazed the woman!

Rocksy, named by the woman, took a rock, held it between her paws and slowly rattled the door with it – knocking on it so that the woman would hear her. This would indicate that the bowl was empty. This was a very smart move, and the woman was absolutely amazed at the raccoon’s ingenuity.

This video shows us how you can friends where you least expect them to be. The raccoon started coming back every day to ask for food with her unique calling card – the rattling rock on the glass door. As the woman showed on the video – the raccoon’s daily rocky encounter left scratches on her door, but its all part of this amazing experience.

What did you think of Rocksy’s smart tactic? Do you know of any wild animals that have employed similar tactics to get your attention for something they need? This is simply amazing! Write in and tell us about your stories and ideas in the section below.

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