Man Adopts Unwanted Shelter Cat, And Their Bedtime Routine Will Melt Your Heart

Cats are synonymous with grace, elegance, and good looks. Most of the time, cats are busy getting their beauty sleep but when they are awake, they seem to spend a lot of time attending to their fur, making sure everything looks just right. When a cat fails at gracefulness (as when a jump goes wrong), or has its good looks compromised (perhaps by getting doused with water), you can see the mortification on the poor feline’s face.

Monty the cat spent quite a long time at the animal shelter waiting to be adopted. He’s a great cat and there wasn’t really anything wrong with him. Well, okay, he is kind of odd-looking. Due to a genetic defect, he’s missing the bridge of his nose. As a result, there’s a rather large, flat expanse between his eyes, making them look much further apart than normal. Check out the video we’ve posted below and you’ll see what we mean.

Here’s how Monty’s human dad describes this unique cat: “Monty is a special little cat born with chromosome abnormalities and adopted from an animal shelter when he was three years old. He is very gentle and he is not afraid of anyone or anything he just loves attention. By raising attention to the fact that looking different doesn’t mean you can’t be fantastic, Monty has now become an ambassador for animals and humans worldwide who may not look perfect in everyone’s eyes. He is also promoting shelter animals and spay and neutering as a solution to all the homeless animals in the world.”

As you’ll see, this odd-looking cat really is a wonderful pet. Seeing him snooze away while draped on his dad’s chest will melt anyone’s heart!

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