A man captures breathtaking footage when he decides to place a camera in the woods

I’ve always enjoyed the wilderness. Learning the love for the outdoors is one of the best things my father taught me. I couldn’t understand why some of my friends would rather stay at home playing video games when there was a universe waiting out there to be discovered. Ever since I could remember, I wanted to join the Boy Scouts. Most of my friends thought it was kind of geeky, but I didn’t care.

I attended a few meetings and got to enjoy it very much. I never joined though, but it gave me a sense of what it was like. Since then, I would ask my father if we could go camping anytime I had free time. My father was a real outdoorsy person, and it was because of him that I learned everything I know. I remember the very first time we went camping.

I had a portable video game that my father insisted I leave at home. We got to the camping site early in the afternoon and the first lesson came: how to set up camp. I learned about what I had to gather. I went to get some wooden sticks and helped my father with the tent. It was a fairly big tent for the two of us because my father wanted to be as comfortable as he could.

It was summertime, so we had our fair share of mosquitoes around. Fortunately, my father had brought repellant. I had not really been involved in the packing process, but after that time I learned a lot about what I had to bring. Next, we started the fire and I went to get more wood. It turns out that when you go out camping, there’s no such thing as ‘too much wood’.

I learned to make a lot of stuff back then, like to build a simple raft. It looked more difficult than it really was, and it would come in very handy. Another thing that I learn that day is how to interact with animals in the area. There were some of them that it was better to keep a distance from and leave alone. Not all of them posed a risk, most of them didn’t.

I saw my fair share of wild animals back then, but nothing like the guy in the next video. He decided to place a camera pointing at a tree that quite frankly looked a little boring. He left it there and went back for it a short while after. When he did, he found it had captured magnificent footage. Click on the video to see it for yourself!