A man finds an owl in the woods that seems very calm. He is shocked to find out what’s wrong

The other day I was walking along a trail when I saw a lizard that was standing surprisingly still. I got close to her and to my surprise, she didn’t move. When I got even closer, I realized she was injured. I had a little bit of experience with animals, but being so small, I had no idea what to do.

I took the lizard to one of my friends who is a veterinarian. She examined the lizard and told me that she had a broken leg. I asked if she could have surgery done, and to my surprise, she could. I left the lizard with her and a few weeks later, she was ready to be set free. The lizard had recovered quite nicely under her ‘head doctor’s’ watchful eye. The day the be released back into the wild came, and we even recorded the whole thing!

I’ve seen some interesting videos of animals being rescued. One of the most shocking comebacks was a female dog that was rescued in India. She had been living in a dumpster for the longest time. Some neighbors had been trying to get her food and some had even volunteered to take her to a veterinarian. The problem is, that she had grown incredibly fearful of humans. The people tried but were not been able to get closer than 9 feet from her.

The moment they tried to get any closer, she would flee from them. The people around her had grown more worried because they had seen that she had gotten a very nasty skin infection. There was no way of getting her treated and they did not know what to do. They called in a local rescue group who had the personnel and tools to her the help she needed.

They arrived and quickly saw that she needed medical attention urgently. They got to the site and by using food, they were able to get closer to her to the point that she let them pet her. After about 30 minutes, the dog lets them carry her to their rescue van. She was exhausted by that time as well as hungry. The minute the rescue crew saw the degree of infections she had, they rushed her to the hospital. They gave her antibiotics, a bath and lots of TLC. A few weeks later, she had improved so much that she was barely recognizable. She had even got her full coat of fur back.

Another wonderful rescue took place when a man was walking near the trail he usually traveled through, when he saw an owl just chilling on the ground. Normally, they are very fearful animals, but for some reason, she was not flying out of there. The man got even closer and that’s when he realized that there was something very wrong with this picture. He took the animal to the veterinarian and the doctor revealed the shocking results!