A man flies his drone over the ocean, you won’t guess what it records!

Ever since drones started to become popular, people have been going crazy with the possibilities. It gave them the chance to eavesdrop on their neighborhood and see what their neighbors are doing. But, do you think that this is an ethical form of entertainment? Or, do you think it is a little too intrusive? I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I would be that comfortable with a total stranger or one of my neighbors for that matter flying his drone over my property.

Many people have complained at the way the Government has used technology to spy on people. Some people will be all for it, while most of the population will be against it. From listening to conversations to intercepting emails, many people believe their privacy is an important enough investment, that they will go and do whatever it takes to ensure that everything about their lives stays private.

So, when people started flying their drones over people’s property, they didn’t take it that well. There were incidents where people would shoot these drones down. Other would throw rocks, sticks or whatever they could throw close enough. This started to spark interest in regular civilians and organizations as to how correct or ethical this was.

As far as the people who decided to use the drones’ incredible range and capabilities, they have managed to capture some incredible footage. Drones are now part of almost every major event. Things like an athletic outdoor race or even a marathon have drones flying over sections of the track and capturing very impressive footage.

This is also true for things like swimming and competitions like the Ironman, where competitors much cover a distance swimming, running and cycling. I am thinking about getting my son a drone, but I will probably wait a little bit because he is only 7. It’s not only having one but using it responsibly.

Now, most of the drone footage that I have seen from the ocean features sailing boats or swimmers. To be honest, it is pretty close to the shore. The following video is unlike anything you have ever seen. A man in a boat decides to take out his drone for some flying fun in deep waters. What you will see will knock your socks off and make your day. I am sure this is the best ocean drone footage you have ever seen!