A man reunites with the gorilla he raised like a son after 5 years in the wild

The Aspinall Foundation is one of the most important gorilla protectors in the whole world. They’ve taken the task to reintroduce gorillas born or raised in captivity back into their natural habitat where they belong. They do this by transporting them from Howletts Wild Animal Park, located in England, to their immense natural reservation in Africa. This great institution was founded by Damian Aspinall, who has stayed to manage it and sometimes even transport the gorillas themselves.

There’s a very special gorilla that the foundation helped, that has a very special place in Damian’s heart. The video below shows how powerful their relationship was, and it’s so touching it brought me to tears when I watched it. The gorilla’s name is Kwibi, and he was very close to Damian as he grew up in Howletts Park, but once he was released into the wild like he was supposed to, they were probably never going to see each other again. Or that’s what Damian originally thought, at least.

But the opportunity arose, and even though he was advised against it due to Kwibis supposed aggressive behavior, he decided to meet him once again in person. I wouldn’t think that the gorilla would remember him, but after seeing the clip, I’m convinced that their relationship was truly something to admire.

You can watch this touching reunion for yourself in the video right below.

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