Man Riding Bike Sees Something In Water, He Gets A Better Look And Immediately Jumps In

There are very few places in our modern-day world where you can truly experience nature completely, with all the trees and animals roaming free in their natural habitat. One of such places is Australia. Australia is famous for its kangaroos, of course, among many others, and also for possessing breath-taking landscapes.

Australia hosts many sporting events which draw large crowds, one of them being the RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride. This very important race is held in Victoria, Australia, typically around November each year. More than a race it is a celebration of nature and a chance for bike riders to take in the scenery and also to get the chance to help raise money which goes to support very good causes all throughout Australia.

The RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride allows participants to enjoy and participate in many events; such as: parties, live music, camping, sightseeing, and of course, there is the cycling part itself. This goes on for 9 straight days and about 320 miles. So, there is no shortage of activities or fun in its various colors and flavors.

Every night the bike riders get a chance to stay in different camp sites in a new town. This allows them to experience a bit more fun comparted to what a normal racing event would give them, as in normal racing events the racers are concentrated only in making certain times at certain stages, and most of them don’t really pay much attention to the scenery itself because as many would believe, this can prove distracting.

Because we are talking about a huge logistics operation, it also needs an equally huge number of volunteers to help out with all the preparations and assisting riders. Because he has always been glad to help out, Muzammil Patel answered the call and quickly got his hand up volunteering last year. His job mainly was helping the riders during this very long journey. During such large events like these, volunteers are usually prepared to accidents and pretty much any serious occurrence that the race might throw at them. But little did he know that on this day he would also be saving a life.

While he and some of his friends decide to stop at a camp site for the evening, they notice something in the Barham River. They try to make out what it is, but at least from the distance they were, they are not able to, so they decide to get a closer look, as they got closer the possibility that is could be a kangaroo gets smaller with each step. What they see almost drowning in the water surprises them.