Mindless mom leaves her kids in car, irate policeman gives her a piece of his mind


Child abuse is a subject that tends to revolt the majority of us. It can be hidden your years right under our noses. The next door neighbor who always seems so friendly, yet his wife and children are incredibly shy towards you, it leaves you with the feeling that something is not-quite-right. Yet what can you do? You have no proof of any wrong doing, there is no physical evidence of abuse, still in the back of your mind you still have the sense that something is amiss.

But what do we class as child abuse? There can be such a grey area that we dread to cross in case we are wrong and end up with a liable suit on our hands. There are those who simply turn their backs on any conceived problems, the ones who don’t want to get involved. It’s none off my business they say, if there is a problem I’m sure the family courts will take care of it. But you have to ask yourself one thing, yes the justice system is set up to help those who are being abused, but how can they help if they are not made aware of the situation?

We are all aware of the recent news headlines about the “David and Louise Turpin” who are facing charges over the alleged abuse of their 13 children. These kids ranging in age from 2 to 29 nine had faced years of abuse from their parents, yet they slipped through the system until one of the daughters managed to escape and alert authorities. How can this happen?

A 2015 report stated that over 7 million children in the US, come to the attention of “Child Protective Services” each year. That’s 7 million cases that have been reported, what about the ones that never come to the attention of the authorities? How many children out there are crying for help, only for thier cries to fall on deaf ears?

In the video below, an incredibly un-thinking mother from Vancouver, left her two children locked in her car while she spent 20 minutes shopping. Cars are like ovens, even if it is a mild day the temperature inside a car can reach 125 degrees within minutes, this is even with the windows cracked. These kids were already in distress when some passers-bye alerted the authorities.

When this “mom” got back to her car the police were waiting. Can you believe this naive woman could not see that she had done anything wrong? The policeman talking to her couldn’t believe his ears and subsequently made the mindless mother well aware of the danger she had put her children through. “Do you want me to take them away, so that you will never see them again” he screamed at her?”

When you read the figures on child abuse, you can understand why this policeman, an officer on the front line, was so angry.

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