Miniature Horse Being Rejected By His Fellow Horses. I Loved His Mommy’s Solution.


We all don’t like being abandoned or shunned. There are times that we want to hang out with people and if we are ignored, it hurts. It’s hard to reverse the course of this though, since we can’t control what other people think of us. But there are things that we can do to help ease the pain of rejection in others. This video shows us a possible solution for seeing someone else you love be rejected.

This is actually a commercial for Amazon Prime in the UK, but it’s still something with a sweet message. We see a field of horses. They look up to see a trailer pull up and their mommy come out. She taps the side of the open trailer and a miniature horse comes out. He runs over to the other horses… who promptly ignore the little guy and run away from him and stay away. He looks down at the ground glumly.

The mini horse’s mommy looks out the window and sees the poor little guy being shunned by his fellow horses. She furrows her brow and thinks… and comes up with a solution. Tapping the Amazon app on her phone, she orders something. The next day, there’s a large doggie door on her front door. The miniature horse walks in and nuzzles next to his mommy as she pets him while sitting in a chair.

The gist is that Amazon has nearly everything in stock. I would be heavily inclined to agree. They have grown from a place to order books and music to a place that has nearly every conceivable item – though I have yet to be able to order a functional Space Shuttle. That might be available in a decade or so. The commercial did succeed in one area. It did make me want to try to order the miniature pony…

What did you think? Sweet commercial or trite advertising? A little of both? Feel free to weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section!

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