Mom called her bad bird. But she never expected the bird to sing this song in response! What?

There are lots of people who are known to sing in the shower. One possible reason is because they are so happy when they’re washing that they can’t help but sing. Another reason is because they are shivering cold so they would try to distract themselves from the cold by singing (or try to generate energy by exerting the lungs and vocal cord). Yet another reason is because they love to sing but they are so shy about it that it’s best to mask the singing with water noises.

This video shows us that apparently parrots also sing in the shower. The reason for it, however, is not clear from this clip. The parrot’s name is Lollypop, and Lollypop sure did not appear to love getting wet. She was singing nonstop and so loudly that it could not have been shyness. Does it mean she was cold then? What do you think?

The highlight of this clip is when her human mommy called her a bad bird in the shower. Lollypop had the perfect answer. She started singing, “Bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do?” Flat out hilarious!

“Bad Boys” is of course a song by the Jamaican reggae group, Inner Circle. It makes you wonder if the band members of Inner Circle were all bona fide bad boys or if they were only play acting like birds, inquiring mind wants to know.