Mom and dad tell 2-year-old they’re on a budget. Her comeback has internet. LOL!

Whenever your finances are suffering, one of the most intelligent things to do is to set yourself on a budget. You need to cut non-important expenses and use the money for things like paying basic expenses and paying off the debt you have. I have been there, and it is never a pretty sight, especially if you have children. For children, the concept of a budget is one that is very difficult to grasp.

When I had that happen to me, I talked to my son about it. Of course, he was only 4 years old at the time. He took it pretty good, or so I thought. I thought we had reached an understanding that there wouldn’t be any toys except for the ones he would get for Christmas. He had said “yes” and I was happy. The very next weekend we went to the supermarket and all hell broke loose when he wanted a toy and I had to remind him of our little talk. Needless to say, he didn’t take it so well.

I even had to take him to the parking lot because he was throwing the biggest tantrum ever. After I did that, and we had another talk, he went back to his own self and we were good. Depending on how you were raised and how you are raising your children, the word “budget” can be a very difficult one to pronounce. In my case, I was brought up in a slightly frugal household. My Mom and Dad would get us what we needed, but nothing extra or fancy.

I didn’t get video games or anything like that until I was in high-school and had “earned” them in some way. It was tough for me when I saw some of my neighbors that seemed to have everything they wanted whenever they wanted it. But I was happy, I had everything I needed. Our frugal lifestyle taught me a few lessons about life. These lessons were so important that they would stick with me through all the years growing up. I remember my Dad used to talk to me about the importance of savings and the way you could invest them. This habit has helped me many times and has gotten me out of tight spots.

In the next video, a 2-year-old is interested in her family’s new budget. Everything is going well until she realizes what it actually means. Most adults really hate the idea of a budget. So, it’s no surprise that 2-year-old Mila is not going along with the idea. Her mother, Katie Stauffer, recently posted a video where Mila discovers what being on a budget really means. The video is so hilarious you won’t want to miss it!